The Clay Doll: A Medieval Short Mystery

Sophie Karlis, The Clay Doll: A Medieval Short Mystery (cover image)

Cologne, AD 1215. After her father’s death, Agnes is urged to get married. But something is holding her back…

The carpenter’s workshop needs a new master, the family a man in the house, and Gero, the assistant, will be a good husband. But Agnes’ heart is not in it. Her brother Simon is meant to be the heir. What happened to him, since he left for the Holy Land? Day after day Agnes hopes for his return, wondering … Why did he take her clay doll with him?

Agnes must know – at all cost.

‘Your brother’s life is in God’s hands now,’ Brother Carolus said. ‘But you can do something for your mother and yourself. Don’t wait too long, Agnes.’

Pages: 25

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